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Jailbate tiem nao ?

2008-04-22 20:12:23 by NeoSoviet

Why yes, yes indeed. 4/94748urmyeah018123122loib1.jpg 5/1anonibuq3se6.jpg 4/75186012123707lost8.jpg

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2008-01-08 14:47:07 by NeoSoviet

This place is like a curse, you try to kill it away from your life, but it comes back. So yes, I am back posting, which makes me ambivalent. Anyway...

Let`s talk about all things good in life, woman.

Woman can be teasers, whores, attention whores, naive. But most of the time they are great.

I wuv you womans. Good to be back. :3

Good Game.

2007-10-13 23:03:38 by NeoSoviet

I`m leaving this forums, it takes time away from college and it adds nothing to my life. That`s about it. I`ll add some pron links for you motherfuckers tomorrow.


Sex sells :3

2007-09-17 20:38:07 by NeoSoviet

Why do you think everything around us is filled with girls in their underwear with sexy smiles ? Because it sells.

Guys with muscular bodies, girls with hot bodies... that`s what commercial companies use to brainwash us into believing that somehow... if we have those items, we will be connected to the subject in picture.

Will we gain abs ? will we gain a super hot girlfriend ?

Not at all.

This shit is just evil. Besides, kids growing up will look up to their role models who behave like whores or pimps and want to became like them. They will want to wear clothes wore by gangsters, rappers, etc...

Our culture is really unfocused... our priorities are messed up. Sex is fine, as long as it is under control.

Having sex pumped into our brains 24/7 has a great potential to harm children's future and even our own life's.

What do you think a Pedophile thinks about when he sees a huge 30 foot poster of a girl in her swimsuit ?

He is NOT thinking about the brand she is selling...

Anyways, here is some more sex for your pleasure. Hope your brains get pumped enough :3
(Does this make you want to drink more coke ?)

Sex sells :3

Important !!

2007-07-28 20:28:17 by NeoSoviet

First of all, thanks to David for making my B-day thread =3

Okay, to the main subject. One of my old friends, since school, goes to the same college I do. And this girl wants to learn english.


So I offered her to post in this forum, since she has standard English capabilities. And I learned from you guys, so thanks <3

So this is it, she will be also using my account. I told her that she should sign her posts under some sort of special thing... She will tell me later. Had to be a girl, always late.

I told her to make a new account, but she just "LOVED" my username. She will also be writing her posts in Word. Why ? What the fuck do I know.

TL;DR version: A girl will be also using my account, she will sign her posts in some sort of special way.

Meet Anita, or Anne. She`d like to be addressed as NSov though x3

Angry/Happy pic. She`s 18 by the way, so fuck off.

Important !!

Transformers =3

2007-07-23 00:49:49 by NeoSoviet

Your thoughts about the movie ?

I for one loved it. I went to see the movie with low expectations... I waited nothing from the story and was a bit skeptic about the graphic quality.

For once I felt wrong =D

I thought the acting was good and the special effects blew my mind. Hot chicks was hot... and I loved Bumblebee.


I guess not even black transformers can live xD

Transformers =3

Young woman.

2007-07-20 18:58:23 by NeoSoviet

What would we do without them ?

We would probably have to sex man up... I still don`t see that as a problem. Do you ?

<3 ya faggots :3

Young woman.

<3 !!!

2007-07-17 17:39:53 by NeoSoviet

Making a post for you faggots.